Two Squares, One Place: A Strategy Plan for Hyde/Jackson Square Main Streets*

Hyde/Jackson Square Main Streets is a vibrant, diverse commercial and residential district facing many changes.  New commercial and residential development and rapidly changing demographics resulting in residential and commercial gentrification have presented numerous challenges for the community.  In addition, the length of the district, with two distinct “squares” creates a disjointed image with little cohesive qualities.


The students explored:

·       How the district’s businesses can serve existing populations and also thrive in the context of changing demographics

·       Can the disparate nature of the district—two distinct “squares,” a combination of commercial and residential buildings, mom and pop stores and larger chain development—be united in a successful overall Main Streets brand

·       If it is possible to celebrate and protect the diversity and affordability of the district by recruiting and supporting businesses that serve the strong representation of Latino, non-Latino White, and non-Latino Black populations living in the community

·       How the pending redevelopment of Blessed Sacrament Church and Jackson Square can best serve the public space and commercial needs of Hyde/Jackson Square and helped define a positive, inclusive image for the district