Enhancing the Layers of Fields Corner: Past, Present and Future*

Historic Boston, Inc. (HBI) is a non-profit that serves as the developer of last resort for endangered Boston historic properties.  Fields Corner is one of the organization’s “Historic Neighborhood Centers.” HBI partnered with the Fields Corner Main Streets organization to facilitate the creation of a neighborhood preservation and revitalization strategy.  HBI and Fields Corner Main Streets sought help in directing resources and efforts in the district. 

The students explored:

·       What buildings and sites of investment will best act as catalysts for future growth and vitality

·       How uses and programming can be prioritized to serve the needs of local residents and businesses

·       How a revitalization strategy honors and celebrates the past and long-time residents and merchants while acknowledging and serving new immigrant populations in the district

·       What the best district-wide strategy for improving the internal and external image of Fields Corner would be