Changing Cities: 75 Years of Planning Better Futures at MIT

Changing Cities Exhibit and Monograph

To mark the 75th anniversary of the planning program at MIT in 2008, department head Larry Vale prepared a museum exhibit and illustrated catalog on the program's history.  To download, use the link at the left.

Changing Cities Symposium: April, 2008

The celebration also included a day-long Symposium on "Changing Cities," including remarks by many of the department's alumni, as well as past and present faculty members.  Many of these sessions are available on video on MIT TechTV.  The keynote address by Gark Hack (PhD '76, former professor and department head, now Paley Professor of City and Regional Planning and Dean of the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania) is included below.

Departmental 75th Anniversary Musical Production
Schönrise, Schönset; or, MIT Planning: from Dawn to DUSP
Following the DUSP 75th Anniversary Symposium, over 300 members of the DUSP community gathered for a Gala Dinner in South Boston's Artist for Humanity Epicenter. In addition to wonderful food and conversation, past and present faculty members and students staged a production of a DUSP musical tribute, entitled "Schönrise, Schönset" or MIT Planning: from Dawn to DUSP."  Visit TechTV to view part I and part II, or simply scroll down to see a video of the event.

Part I

Part II