Students Pause for "Slow Lunch"

Is a slow, shared lunch a radical act? In many corners of MIT, where 18 hour lab sessions are the norm, taking a lunch break may be viewed as a sign of weakness... So, on March 21, members of the DUSP-led New Economy @ MIT group decided to have an open, slow, and very homemade lunch in Lobby 7, the grand entryway to this excellent (and often overworked) institution. 

In the words of the lunch organizers, "the idea came from just wanting to share and connect. Part of what makes our economy whole is that people take the time [against all odds] to feed themselves and nurture connections. In our Slow lunch, borrowing ideas from the Slow Food movement, we wanted to try to do just that."

For more about this special event, see "Bringing Back the Ancient Ritual of Communal Lunch to MIT" on the New Economy @ MIT website.