Providing Educational Opportunities to All

MIT senior Yazmin Guzman, while completing dual bachelor degrees and the MCP program at DUSP, is deeply immersed in an array of community and education outreach programs.

Guzman's K-12 experiences in gifted and talented academic programs, highlighted racial, language, and cultural differences in opportunities and access in the academic system. The disparities in her K-12 education became more prominent when Guzman arrived at MIT and discovered a diverse, high-achieving community, where Latino and Latina students are integral and well represented. Inspired by these observations, Guzman devotes much of her time not spent studying and researching to giving back to the community surrounding MIT, acting as a mentor and taking leadership roles to under-resourced students on the weekends and for after-school programs.

Guzman's proposed thesis project will focus on how communities occupy and claim space and will use photography to increase access for multiple learning demographics.

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Image credit: Jake Belcher via MIT News