Projections 11: Call for Papers

Projections 11: Planning Sustainability in Global Ecologies

Call for Papers

Deadline for Abstracts: November 30, 2012

We would like to share with you the Call for Papers for Projections 11, titled Planning Sustainability in Global Ecologies.

Engagement in sustainability planning is growing globally. Yet we continue to see environmental conditions worsen. Much attention has reasonably centered on the capacities of national actors and policies, but corresponding issues of scale(s), space, and agency have been largely unaddressed. Such deficiencies include the efficacy of institutional relationships between state, private, and civic organizations, the role of global processes in shaping local political action, and the critical interface between urban and ecological spaces. As a result, the complexities and possibilities of state/local agency, global networks, and spatial ecologies as a system remain under-theorized. This is particularly important in a time of global ecologies, where worldwide processes now actively transform society and nature everywhere. This issue of Projections attempts to directly address this critical space at the intersection of politics, globalization, and built and “natural” environments. Our objective is to unearth the political and spatial dimensions of our environmental crisis, and to reassert the physical and environmental aspects of the study of urban politics and processes. We look for theoretical concepts and critical practices in sustainability planning that address the dynamic interrelationships of global urbanization and ecological change – the emerging hybridities of society and nature.

Potential article topics included in this volume of Projections include: political economy of environment and development; global negotiations, local actions; urban theory and sustainability; urbanization and/of nature; the nexus between ecology, politics, and planning; infrastructure and nature; global environmental change; environmental identities and citizenship; social inequity and environmental justice; design and spatial politics; multilevel political interactions and influences; urban economic transition and the environment; and, technology and sustainability.

Projections is the journal of the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning. As a peer-reviewed publication, Projections welcomes original high quality submissions at the vanguard of planning theory and practice. Amy Glasmeier, Professor of Geography and Regional Planning, MIT, is the faculty advisor for this volume of Projections. The editorial board comprises leading scholars whose work focuses on political ecology, environmental governance, sustainable development, urbanization, and globalization, including JoAnn Carmin (MIT), Gabriella Carolini (MIT), Nazli Choucri (MIT), Michelle Addington (Yale University), Roger Keil (York University), David Pellow (University of Minnesota), Dianne Rocheleau (Clark University), and Erik Swyngedouw (University of Manchester).

Please submit an abstract of proposed papers. Abstracts should be limited to 300 words and include paper motivations, methods, and conclusions. Submissions should include keywords, name of author(s), institutional affiliation, and contact information (phone and email).

Deadline for submission of abstracts: Friday, November 30, 2012

Submissions should be made electronically to:

Please find attached the full call for papers, and don't hesitate to send us any questions or comments. And do please spread the word!

Kian Goh and Eric Chu

Editors, Projections 11