Planning a better world, starting close to home

The MIT Campaign for a Better World, launched in May 2016 with a celebration on campus, then gathered momentum through events that have brought together alumni and friends of MIT in cities worldwide. This week, the series comes home to Boston. On the eve of the local gathering, it is an opportune moment to reflect on the contributions made by MIT faculty and alumni beyond our campus, in Cambridge, Boston, and greater New England. 

In a MIT News story highlighting the diverse avenues the MIT community has traveled to create impacts on our direct surroundings, we are happy to see many DUSP faculty and alumni. To name but a few, from such varied impacts as studying the effects of transit oriented development projects on the health of Boston residents, designing the iconic buildings of the city skyline, creating landmarks that preserve all of our citizen’s histories – especially those who have traditionally been disenfranchised – to helping the area prepare to mitigate and adapt to risks posed by climate change, DUSP’s intellectual and moral ‘DNA’ is very much present in our community.

Read the full MIT News Story, here.

Image credit: MIT News, Spectrum Peter Gumaskas, WikiCommons Daderot, Museum of African American History, New England Climate Adaptation Project Staff