In the News: IKEA to Use MIT Living Wage Calculator

Data from the MIT "Living Wage Calculator" show the gap between the cost of living modestly in the US and the minimum and poverty wage rates. Amy Glasmeier, professor of economic geography and regional planning, began developing the calculator a decade ago while studying the causes of recurrent poverty. Besides contributing data to discussions on raising the minimum wage, the tool and Glasmeier’s comments in Slice of MIT illustrate why higher wages help everybody. Check out the living wage in your area adjustable by family size, location, and local estimates of food, housing, and other necessities.

The Calculator has been featured in a number of news stories recently, including the following, relared to a recent announcement by IKEA that it plans to use the calculator to increase wages:

See The Tech Connection and Slice of MIT for more info, or click here to go straight to the Calculator.