Local Data Hubs Driving Positive Change in Cities

Dr. Patricia McCarney (DUSP PHD '87), president of CEO of World Council on City Data as well as the director of the Global Cities Institute at the University of Toronto, is championing open access to local data from cities across the world. The World Council on City Data showcases over 1.2 million combinations of data relationships, across 17 themes, and 100 indicators - helping cities to provide local answers to global questions.

On February 5th, Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, and Dr. McCarney signed an MOU, a first step in establishing Los Angeles as one of eight local data hubs.

The affects of better and more transparent data will spur more than local development, the data will also be used to support the United Nation's Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

To learn more about the World Council on City Data visit their webpage here.

Image credit: World Council on City Data