Garnette Cadogan, defining the future of writing

Literature has the power to reshape how we perceive and understand the world around us, to transport us into explorations of infinite futures, and even to give us a compass to locate our sense of self and our purpose. We are thrilled to announce that Garnette Cadogan, DUSP’s 2017-2018 Martin Luther King Jr. Visiting Scholar, was named one of the 29 artists who are defining the future of writing.

Cadogan, an essayist and journalist, explores the currents of history, culture, and the arts as they shape how we construct urban life, the structures of inequity in our cities, and the challenges of pluralism. His scope and mastery of work extend to co-editing traditional scholarly works such as the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of the Harlem Renaissance to crafting deeply moving intimate experiences with a lived experience in our culture and urban environment.

To read more about the selection process visit Literary Hub’s The Future of New Writing from Freeman’s Issue Number Four, here.

Image Credit: Mirissa Neff via University of California Press