Excellence in Public Service Awards: Call for Applications

We are now accepting applications for the MIT Department of Urban
Studies and Planning "Excellence in Public Service Awards."  Deadline:
May 15, 2015.

Purpose.  In 1999, DUSP established the Fund for Excellence in Public
Service to raise funds to assist and encourage graduates from the
Master in City Planning (MCP) program who choose to pursue public
service careers.  The Excellence in Public Service Awards, as the
Fund’s first initiative, is designed to advance three purposes:

 * Recognize outstanding public service achievements by recent MCP

 * Provide inspiration and encouragement to other DUSP students, DUSP
   alumni/ae, and others to pursue public service careers

 * Provide a financial award to help offset debt incurred to obtain an
   MCP degree

Type of Assistance.  Up to two awards of up to $10,000 will be made
each year.  Awards must be used to reduce outstanding debt incurred to
obtain a MCP degree.  Please note that these awards may be subject to
taxes and applicants should consult their tax advisors.

Eligibility.  Eligibility is based on the graduation year, public
service employment and financial need.  Graduates who received an MCP
degree from DUSP between 2010 and 2014 and are employed full-time in
planning-related public service work are eligible.  Public service
work includes employment in government, the private non-profit sector,
an equivalent organization, or self-employment with a public service
mission.  Graduates in an academic position at a college or university
are not eligible.  For financial eligibility, a graduate must have
incurred at least $30,000 in debt to secure an MCP degree, have at
least $15,000 of that debt still unpaid, and have annual income of
$70,250 or less.  For applicants who are married, 50% of the total
household income will be used to determine eligibility with an
allowance for children based on the IRS dependent exemption amount.
Please add $3,950 per dependent to the $70,250 income cap.  Both
U.S. and international alumni/ae are eligible and are encouraged to
apply.  For international applicants, foreign currency denominated
debt and income will be converted into dollars, based on the currency
exchange rate in effect on the application deadline date.  (Exceptions
to these eligibility requirements may be made given exceptional