DUSP EXPLORER is an online, interactive  visualization of MIT’s Department of Urban Studies & Planning. Here you can find information about our current faculty, where we work, and how our projects intersect with each other and connect with the central themes of urban planning and design. Using the drop-down menu at the top of the page, you can begin to explore our department using the following lenses: 

Faculty: By default, the circumference of the Explorer displays all of our nearly 30 full-time professors. Hover over a name and you can see the intellectual connections that link that person with others in the department. By moving the mouse closer into the circle, you can trace any one of these links and drop the others. (The circumference can be rotated by dragging the mouse) Click on the name of the faculty member and you’ll be redirected to their personal webpage on the departmental website.

Topics: “Themes” are displayed around the circumference, and the individual faculty become the “links” between them. Hover over a topic and the Explorer will highlight connections with other themes, displaying the names of the faculty working at the intersections in the center of the circle.

Countries: An interactive globe with project locations shown in blue. The globe can be rotated by dragging the mouse. When you click on the map or the country names at the left, the Explorer will display list of projects for that location.