DUSPers on Boston Mayoral Transition Team

As he prepares to become the first new Mayor in Boston in nearly 20 years, Marty Walsh is assembling his "2014 Transition Committee," which includes quite a few planners with MIT/DUSP connections, including:

  • Arthur Jemison (MCP 1994), Deputy Undersecretary, MA Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Chris Jones (current doctoral student), Executive Director, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
  • Heeten Kalan (MCP 1998), Director, Climate Action Fund, New World Foundation
  • Chrystal Kornegay (MCP 1997), President and CEO, Urban Edge
  • My Lam, Founder/Manager, EscazĂș Development
  • Wendy Landman (SB 1975, MCP 1978), Executive Director, Walk Boston
  • Vivian Li (SB/MechE 2006; MNG 2008), President, Boston Harbor Association (Community Fellows Program)
  • Fred Salvucci (SB/CEE 1961, SM/CEE 1962), Senior Lecturer Researcher, MIT Civil Engineering Department

For the full list of Committee members, see Walsh 2014 Transition Committee. Congratulations to all, and good luck planning  for this transition.