DUSP Team Test Drives SimCity 6

Last month, a team from DUSP competed with planners in New York and Chicago in a six-team SimCity Challenge to test out the newest version of the classic city-building game.  This blurb from FastCompany's coverage of the event really demonstrates the spirit that the DUSP team -- planners for the imagined city of "MITroit" -- brought to the project:

MITroit’s volunteer firefighters were bravely extinguishing the string of household fires that had broken out in neighboring Champignon. Champignon, a blue-collar enclave whose economy was built upon the oil and ore beneath its citizens’ feet, was rife with jobs and industry, but lagged in city services.  The selflessness of MITroit’s volunteer firefighters was even more pronounced considering Champignon had recently built a sewage runoff directed at MITroit. While MITroit’s unpaid firefighters were preventing Champignon’s citizens from immolating themselves, Champignon was slowly polluting the benefactor of its overwhelmed fire department. MITroit was using its water to put out Champignon’s fires, and Champignon was sending liquid waste in return.

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