Creating Good Citizens and Good Computer Scientists

Cities have emerged as key centers for the development and deployment of new technologies and systems. They are concentrators of consumption, emissions, as well as innovation and change. With an estimated growth in population to include two thirds of the world's population by 2030, cities impacts on the future of the world will intensify. Rapid and profound changes in how we think about cities and the challenges they face are being driven by pervasive sensing, the growth and availability of continuous data streams, advanced analytics, interactive communications and social networks, and distributed intelligence.

At MIT, urban planners and computer scientists are embracing these exciting new developments. MIT's new undergraduate major, a Bachelor of Urban Science and Planning with Computer Science, responds to this rapid co-evolution of the physical city and technology. 

Urban science and its implications for producing a better future for urban residents is explored in 'Cities Are Watching You- Urban Sciences Graduates Watch Back,' a new article from WIRED.

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