Collective Imagination vs Hegemonic Structures

What happens when the tactics of fact-checking and reason appear to be ineffectual at balancing the power, agendas, and stories of the elite and powerful?

During IAP 2018, DUSP Alumni Lawrence Barriner (MCP '14) and Grant Williams (MCP '17) lead a three day workshop aimed at linking the everyday innovation occurring across MIT with the limitless scope of speculative fiction.

They, and fellow innovators, explored the power imbued in a storyteller's ability to shape reality, allowing artists to duel with hegemonic orders on perhaps the most effective plane possible - in our collective imagination.

To learn more, visit the MIT CoLab Alternative Futures Writing Collective.

And then Barriner and William's iteration of the Collaborative Sci-Fi Generator, here.

Image credit: Lawrence Barriner and Grant Williams