CAU Profiled by ASLA's "The Dirt" Blog

Recently, "The Dirt," the blog of the Amercian Society of Landscape Architects, profiled MIT's new Center for Advanced Urbanism

DUSP Professor Alan Berger and Architecture Professor Alexander D’Hooge co-direct the CAU, rooting it in a set of clear principles. First, the projects the center will take on must have real-world sponsors and aim for real-world impacts. Second, each project will be collaborative from the get-go, with a mix of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and planning professors. “Everyone brings equal knowledge.” He even said one assistant director’s role will be to simply ensure that true collaboration happens between the disciplines, and “no one is a sub-contractor.” Berger said that’s needed because collaborating on research is “really hard, time consuming, and socially complicated.”

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