Apr/06 Lecture
Guests from Growing Change

The Role of Historical Narrative in Prison Adaptive Reuse

Wagram is one of twenty five communities in North Carolina that hosts an abandoned prison. In the early 1930s, a number of small prisons were built throughout the state to provide free prison labor for the construction of highways. Many of these sites have been closed and left to decay over the last couple of decades. Under the umbrella of the non-profit Growing Change, a group of formerly incarcerated young men, military veterans, criminal justice stakeholders and farming enthusiasts are coming together to transform the site in Wagram into an educational and recreational center for its local community. But how does the history of this site influence its future? Is there a way to acknowledge the oppressive legacy of a site like this one while also charting a positive vision for change? Join us for a panel discussion with representatives from Growing Change to learn more about this process of transformation. Our guests will also guide us through their exhibit which documents the history of prison labor in North Carolina. Refreshments will be provided. This event is being sponsored by the DUSP Students of Color Committee, New Economy Group, CoLab, and Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

When: Thursday, April 6th at 6.30pm (exhibit opening and refreshments, followed by panel discussion)

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Guests from Growing Change

Growing Change