Student Research

I very much enjoy working with students in various forms: RA, theses, directed studies, term projects, co-authoring papers, conference presentations, etc. Here is a list of those who I've had the pleasure to work with.


  • Liqun Chen, Master of City Planning, MIT, Re-defining Land Use Topology using Big Data
  • Xiaoyun Chang, Undergraduate Student, MIT, Car Licensing in Guangzhou: an Interplay between Demand and Expectation
  • Andrew Lai, Master of City Planning, MIT, Salience in transportation pricing
  • Corinna Li, Master of City Planning, MIT, How E-hailing Apps Disrupt Taxi Industry: A US and China Comparison
  • Zelin Li, Master of City Planning, MIT, The Evolution of Train Ticket Distribution in China
  • Luxi Lin, Master of City Planning, MIT, The Potential of Juweihui in Engaging Residents in Planning
  • Liu Liu, Master of City Planning, MIT,  City Visual Identity and Crowd Sourcing
  • Yuan Xiao, Doctoral Student, MIT, Land Quota Market in Chongqing and Chengdu: De-spatialization of Land Transfer, Dissertation Committee Member
  • Gabriel E. Sanchez-Martinez, Doctoral Student, MIT, Information-Driven Real-Time Control: From Data to Information to Control in High-Frequency Transit, Dissertation Committee Member
  • Qianqian Zhang, Master of City Planning, MIT, Crowd-sourcing as a Mode of Community Engagement
  • Zhan Zhao, Master of Science in Transportation, MIT, Academic Advisor


Visiting Students and Project Advisees

  • Jared Duivestein, Bachalor of Engineering, UBC, Canada Line Ridership Review: Impact of Winter Olympics, 2010
  • Yueying Huo, Visiting Doctoral Student at UBC, Measuring Service Reliability of Bus Rapid Transit, 2011-2012
  • Allison Lung, Bachalor of Engineering, UBC, Quantity and Quality of Commuting Time Use: a Heckman Model, 2012
  • Joanne Lee, Bachalor of Engineering, UBC, Experience or Memory: Happiness of Commuting, 2012
  • Regent Ma, Bachalor of Engineering, UBC, Inter-personal Influence of Travel Mode Choices, 2012
  • Punit Shah, Bachalor of Engineering, UBC, Customer Loyalty Modelling: A Comparison Between Toronto and Chicago Transit Authorities, 2013
  • Fadi Shakir, Visiting Undergraduate Student at UBC, Reducing Automobile Dependency of Major Trip Generating Institutions through Transportation Demand Management, 2011
  • Eric Wang, Bachalor of Engineering, UBC, A Hybrid Model of License Auction and Lottery: A Before and After Comparison of Guangzhou's Car Ownership Management Policy, 2013
  • Zhongyue Wang, Master of Engineering, UBC, Formation of Transportation Policy Market in China, 2013