Boosting agriculture in developing countries

At a day-long event focused on global food and water security, DUSP's Professor Erica James presented on how she and Professor Dennis McLaughlin (Civil and Environmental Engineering) utilized their Seed Grant from the Abdul Latif Jameel World Water and Food Security Lab (J-WAFS) to identify opportunities to increase food production and security in the developing world.

Their project, Leverage Points: Opportunities for Increasing Food Production in Developing Countries, examined how interventions such as irrigation, improved fertilizer and pesticide techniques, and sustainable cultivation practices, could be mapped onto optimal deployment sites through global data sets and focused field studies. To read more about their project, visit the J-WAFS research page, here.

Continuing in the vein of improving food security in the developing countries, DUSP's Professor Bish Sanyal and Professor Stephen Graves (Sloan School of Management) will lead a newly awarded J-WAFS seed grant focusing on how private-public partnerships can supplement public agricultural extension services in Senegal and seek to identify methods to extend and democratize access to the benefits of privately provided irrigation practices. To learn more about their project and the J-WAFS event, read the full MIT News coverage, here.

Image credit: Lisa Abitbol, via MIT News