Using a Political Platform for Change

In this SPURS/Humphrey Program Spring 2017 Seminar Series seminar we will discuss the messy and complex work of leading organizations and movements to advance the interests of communities and vulnerable people. We will consider how leadership can promote equity, reflecting on many aspects of leaderships while recognizing that there are conflicting views about what characterizes good leadership. We will also consider how becoming a leader shapes you: Do you need to take on new roles, change your behavior, take uncomfortable risks, acknowledge mistakes, or consider compromising?
Nadeem Mazen is an educator, entrepreneur and community organizer. He was elected to the Cambridge City Council in 2013 after an energetic grassroots campaign, winning by just 6 votes, and was returned to the Council in 2015, receiving the most votes of 23 candidates for the Council. He has been working to build coalitions that can advance social justice and greater equity, as well as make city government more accessible. An MIT alum, he founded two community-oriented businesses in Central Square, Cambridge: Nimblebot, a creative agency and danger!awesome, a maker-space that brings creative expression and tools to the public.
Please RSVP to: foley@mit.edu