Conference Paper
Planning Students in the Planning Office

Planning Students in the Planning Office
the view from both sides of the fence

The big “finding” here—which is actually not that remarkable when you stop to think about it—is that “academic” and “professional” planners live and work in different worlds, and have developed different worldviews as a result of their respective perspectives. In structuring and developing partnerships between academic and applied planning—whether single semester research projects, internships, or ongoing university/community efforts—we would be wise to pay attention to these differences to ensure success for all parties. The paper begins by discussing the source and nature of these differences and closes by exploring some potential partnership models that address them.


Title Planning Students in the Planning Office
Type of Publication
Conference Paper
Eighth Annual Conference of the Committee on Industrial Theory and Assessment,2007.
Date of Publication
Apr 26, 2007
University of Massachusetts---Lowell