Central to HCED's mission and philosophy is collaboration with local leaders and institutions to take action to improve their communities. Active engagement with communities provides students with practical experience to guide their knowledge and skill development, allows faculty to study and test innovative and effective approaches to building equitable and sustainable urban communities and expands resources for governmental and non-profit organizations in poorer cities and neighborhoods.

HCED faculty, students and staff have built community partnerships in four cities to realize our goals of learning and scholarship through community engagement: Boston, Lawrence and Springfield, Massachusetts and New Orleans, Louisiana. Each of these partnerships are long-term and involve work with multiple institutions to address a range of planning and community building issues including affordable housing, economic development, health, and youth development, urban design and physical planning and urban sustainability.

We invite you to learn more about these community partnerships by exploring the summary web pages (and associated links) on this site and to participate in the partnerships as MIT students and alumni, and local citizens and practitioners. Please contact lead faculty and staff for each partnership to learn about ways to you contribute to these exciting and challenging initiatives.