Students Win APA Economic Development Scholarship

Three DUSP students -- Seema Adina, Kira Intrator, and Lindsay Reul, all second-year MCPs -- are the joint winners of the American Planning Association Economic Development Division's 2012 Graduate scholarship, for their paper "Wealth Creation Through Sustainable Forestry: Generating Wealth Creation Models in the Appalachian Wood Products Industry." Their paper combines analysis of value chain and supply chain to identify strategies that would capture environmental and economic benefits for communities.

According to the press release announcing the award, the selection committee "appreciated their innovative approach" and the paper "stood out as an original synthesis of ideas in an accessible form for practitioners." The students will share a $1,000 scholarship from the Economic Development Division and the full paper will be published in a future division newsletter.

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(Image: By Simon Koopmann (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons)