DUSP Alumna Appointed to Citizen Committee for Homeless Initiatives for Los Angeles

Tunua Thrash, a DUSP Masters of City Planning alumna, former Executive Director of the West Angeles Community Development Corporation, and the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Local Initiatives Support Corp. (LISC), has been named as one of three citizen's who will help oversee the Proposition HHH controlled $1.2 billion for homeless initiatives in Los Angeles.

Proposition HHH, a 2016 city voter approved initiative, aims to build 10,000 housing units directed to help the homeless in the city of Los Angeles. The oversight committee will ensure resources are allocated equitably and with transparency to the public. 

The LISC equips vulnerable communities with the capital, strategy, and skills to thrive. Working with local leadership, LISC invests in housing, health, education, public safety, and employment to craft sustainable and holistic solutions for struggling communities. To learn more about the LISC please visit their website, here.

While at MIT, Tunua examined the unintended consequences of capital investment in the inner city. In her 2001 thesis, Commercial Gentrification: Trends and Solutions, she investigated the need for balance between inner city neighborhoods ability to attract new capital contrasted with its ability to preserve the character and institutions that define its community. To learn more, please read Tunua's full thesis, available here.

Please join us in congratulating Tunua on her new appointment, an endeavor she has demonstrated she is optimally equipped to guide to success.