Revisiting Development Theory: A Celebration of Alice Amsden

At the beginning of the 21st century, the increasing dominance of new economies of the global south and emerging experiments in development policymaking place the relevance of the work of Alice Amsden (1943–2012) in a new light. Join us for an evening of celebration of Alice Amsden’s contributions to development theory from a contemporary and forward-looking perspective.  Inspired by Amsden's major contributions, speakers will discuss critical challenges confronting contemporary development theory and practice.  Insights address core theoretical issues (such as state regulation of economic development), significant development phenomena (such as learning and innovation, knowledge-based assets) and contemporary theoretical points of view (such as universal principles of governance and growth diagnostics).  Each presentation works from and adds to our understanding of current growth trajectories as seen through the lens of Amsden’s empirically grounded, theoretically rich, interpretation of late industrialization.

A reception starts at 6:30 pm with talks beginning at 7:15. Join us in an hour and a half conversation about this remarkable scholar's contribution to the field of contemporary economic development.