Bruce Katz: The Metropolitan Revolution

Bruce Katz, director of the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, discusses his recent book, The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros are Fixing our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy, co-authored with Jennifer Bradley. 


"...A revolution is stirring in America. Across the nation, cities and the leaders who govern them are taking on the big issues that Washington won't- or can't- solve. They are reshaping our economy and fixing our broken political system.   The Metropolitan Revolution is a national movement taking root in New York City, where efforts are under way to diversify the city's vast economy; in Portland, where sustainability solutions are being exported to other cities around the world; in Northeast Ohio, where worker-innovators are using the skills of the industrial age to invent cutting-edge materials, tools, and processes; in Houston, where a modern settlement house helps immigrants climb the employment ladder; in Miami, where leaders are forging strong ties with Brazil and other nations; in Denver and Los Angeles, where leaders are breaking political barriers and building world-class metropolises; and in Boston and Detroit, where innovation districts are powering economies for the next century.  Katz and Bradley highlight success stories to share lessons and catalyze action." (Brookings Press)

Open to: the general public