Academic Year 2013-2014 Key Registration Dates



September 3 Fall Registration
September 4 Fall First Day of Classes
September 6 Fall Registration Deadline
October 4 Fall Add Date
November 20 Fall Drop Date
December 2-30 Spring Online Pre-registration
December 11 Last day of classes
February 3 Spring Registration
February 4 Spring First Day of Classes
February 7 Spring Registration Deadline
March 7 Spring Add Date
April 24 Spring Drop Date
May 15 Last Day of Classes



Continuing Students

Pre-registration Instructions:

Students must pre-register in May for summer and fall and in December for IAP and spring. All continuing students are expected to pre-register online through WebSIS for the upcoming term(s). A student who has not completed pre-registration by the noted deadline on the Registrar's Academic Calendar and registration by the end of the first week of the term will be assessed a late fee. Subjects selected during pre-registration are noted on the student's Registration Form but changes can be made prior to or on Registration Day.

Department of Urban Studies & Planning subject offerings and descriptions are available to help students choose courses. The MIT Subject Listing and Schedule which is updated regularly on the Registrar's Office website, provides information on subjects outside of the Department.



Registration Day Procedure

Student advisor assignments are available on WebSIS, the Registrar's student information system.Students may access their registration forms a week prior to Registration Day at:

The form is populated with the pre-registered subject selections entered by the pre-registration deadline. Students should meet with their advisor in person on Registration Day. The digital registration form must be approved by the advisor prior to the registration deadline (the Friday following Registration Day). It is the student's responsibility to make sure the form is properly submitted.

All subsequent changes to your registration require an Add/Drop/Change form.

Online Registration Help:




Harvard University

Graduate students may cross-register at Harvard University. No more than half (49 percent) of the total units for any term may be taken at Harvard.  Students who cross-register should not include subjects from other institutions on their MIT Registration forms; rather they should follow a separate cross-registration procedure.  MIT's deadline for completing cross-registration is ADD Date.  Harvard’s cross-registration deadlines are different from MIT’s; check Harvard’s schedule. 

Students’ MIT academic records will show grades for these subjects. *Please note that Harvard subjects will not appear on WebSIS until the 5th week of classes*  To drop cross-registered subjects, use the MIT Add/Drop form.  

Graduate students should review the detailed instructions provided by the Registrar's Office. Be sure to complete both the Harvard online cross-registration petition and MIT cross-registration form

Undergraduate students may cross-register for classes at the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) or one of Harvard's professional schools. Please see the detailed instructions for further information. 




Independent Study

A student interested in independent study must secure the supervision of a faculty member in this Department. Before registering for an independent study subject, a student must complete and submit an independent study form, available in the DUSP Student Services Office (7-346).

The following information is required to complete the form:

  • Student's name
  • Subject level (graduate or undergraduate)
  • Grading system (grade or pass/fail)
  • Units to be earned, based on the effort to be expended
  • A statement of the intellectual purpose of the activity
  • A discussion of the expected result and its evaluation
  • Signature of project supervisor
  • Signature of academic advisor

The subject must be added to the student's registration with an Add/Drop form prior to the Add Date.



Adding + Dropping

Changing Registration

Pay close attention to your Status of Registration posted on WebSIS. Please notify DUSP Student Services (7-346) if you find errors or have questions. *Please note that Harvard subjects will not appear until the 5th week of classes.

Subjects may be added during the first five weeks of the semester prior to Add Date and dropped by Drop Date, which is in the 12th week of the term. Changes in registration are made though an Add/Drop/Change form and must be approved by the instructor (when needed) and a student's academic advisor.

Registration changes after the posted deadlines can only be made by petition. In addition, students are fined for each subject added to registration after the Add Date and for each subject dropped after the Drop Date.

More information on changing the status of a subject can be found on the Registrar's website:




Petitions are required when:

  • a student wants to add or drop a subject after the Institute deadline
  • a grade of "I" is changed to a letter grade after the deadline, (Add Date of the term following that in which the "I" grade was given)
  • to correct errors in registration after the deadline
  • to request approval for retroactive actions in unusual circumstances
  • to apply for a dual degree

The petition process for graduate students and undergraduate students is different:



English Proficiency

The Department requires that students take the English subject suggested as a result of the EET and continue in the ESL series thereafter to completion. Students must enroll in the English subject recommended as a result of the EET, and must complete the sequence of ESL subjects as follows:

  • 21F.224, Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation (ELS)
  • 21F.219, Workshop in Written Expression (ELS)


  • 21F.219, Workshop in Written Expression (ELS)
  • 21F.227, Advanced Workshop in Writing for Social Sciences and Architecture (ELS)

Registration in the advanced level writing for social scientists and architects subject, 21F.227, should be completed prior to Thesis registration.

Required English subjects do not count for unit credit toward any degree in the Department; grades received in English subjects do, however, appear on the students' records

Consultation with ESL Instructors

Instructors in English as a Second Language will be available for consultation on Registration Day. The office numbers and phone extensions of the instructors are as follows:

  • Jane Dunphy, Director 14N-312, (617) 253-3069
  • Patricia Brennecke 14N-224, (617) 253-2647
  • A.C. Kemp 14N-228, (617) 253-4747
  • Katie Barker 14N-329C, (617) 452-3030


Term of Graduation

All students, graduate and undergraduate, must file a degree application at the start of the term in which they plan to graduate. This is done online at WebSIS. Applications for advanced degrees must be submitted with working thesis titles. The deadline for finalizing the title falls near the end of term. For specifics, consult the Academic Calendar. Students who have questions regarding their eligibility to graduate may contact Sandra Wellford in the DUSP Student Services (7-346). The website for graduating students contains a complete checklist and calendar of deadlines.