Faculty [On Leave]
Jan Wampler

In addition to teaching, Wampler runs a small architectural office. His interests are in design: the understanding and designing of the space between buildings as well as buildings that can respond to people's needs. He has a substantial number of projects built.
Wampler's articles and buildings have been published in a number of architectural magazines. These include: "La Puntilla," Progressive Architecture; "L'Emprette," L'Architecture D'Aujourd'hui, May/June 1975; "Boston Architecture", Andrea Leers and Alex Krieger, A&U, V. 222, March, 1989; "Thinking the City" exhibition; "Designing for Special Populations," Architecture, January, 1987; "A Village in a House," Space and Society, June 1984. He also authored a book in 1976, All Their Own, People and the Places They Build, the Schenkman Publishing Company, Cambridge, MA, 1976.
He recently exhibited his work of the last twenty five years at MIT entitled "Open Strings for e - Search on the Journey." In a review of the exhibition by Robert Campbell referred to Wampler as "The Walt Whitman of Architects."