Eric Klopfer

Eric Klopfer is Professor and the Director of the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program (http://education.mit.edu) and the Director of the The Education Arcade (http://educationarcade.org). His research focuses on the development and use of computer games and simulations for building understanding of science and complex systems. His work combines research and development of games and simulations, from initial conceptualization, through implementation, piloting, professional development and end-user research. He is the creator of StarLogo TNG, a platform for helping kids create 3D simulations and games using a graphical programming language, as well as several mobile game platforms including location-based Augmented Reality games, and ubiquitous casual games. He is the author of "Augmented Learning," a book on handheld games and learning from MIT Press, and is co-author of the book, "Adventures in Modeling: Exploring Complex, Dynamic Systems with StarLogo." He is also president and co-founder of the non-profit Learning Games Network (www.learninggamesnetwork.org).