Eric Huntley

Eric Huntley is a Technical Instructor of GIS, Data Visualization and Graphics.  Eric is currently a PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky; he also holds a Masters in Urban Planning, Physical Planning, & Urban Design from the University of Michigan.  His work connects methods and techniques of design, the social sciences, and "GIScience," and he has experience working on data visualization, spatial-statistical analysis (R and Stata), web design, database management (MySQL, PostgreSQL, neo4j, and PostGIS), industry-standard and open source GIS tools (ArcGIS, QGIS), web
mapping (Leaflet, D3, Mapbox, and CARTO), scripting (Python), graphic design and media production (Adobe Creative Suite), and CAD
applications (Rhino, SketchUp and Auto-CAD).

Eric's research examines the use of geospatial technologies and cartographic methods within the design disciplines as well as the active role of those disciplines in the historical making and remaking of GIS. He is particularly interested in the ecological design tradition within landscape architecture and the ways in which its view of nature, as well as its methods, assumptions, and techniques, are operationalized in the development of geospatial technologies.