Eran Ben-Joseph

Eran Ben-Joseph is a Professor and Head of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research and teaching areas include urban and physical design, standards and regulations, sustainable site planning technologies and urban retrofitting. He published numerous articles, monographs, book chapters and authored and co-authored the books: Streets and the Shaping of Towns and Cities, Regulating Place: Standards and the Shaping of Urban America, The Code of the City, RENEW Town and ReThinking a Lot. Eran worked as a city planner, urban designer and landscape architect in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States on projects including new towns and residential developments, streetscapes, stream restorations, and parks and recreation planning. He has led national and international multi-disciplinary projects in Singapore, Barcelona, Santiago, Tokyo and Washington DC among other places. Eran is the recipient of the Wade Award for his work on Representation of Places – a collaboration project with MIT Media Lab and the Milka Bliznakov Prize for his historical work on Pioneering Women of Landscape Architecture. He holds degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and Chiba National University of Japan. Current Research: Urban Form and Health, Urban Form and the Aging Population, Urban Form and Ecological Models of Development, Urban Form and Visualizing Change

University of California at Berkeley Ph.D. Environmental Planning & Urban Design
National University of Japan, Chiba MAgr Landscape Architecture
University of California at Berkeley BA Landscape Architecture
Academic Experience
2013 - Present
Department Head
2012 -2013
Associate Department Head
2009 - 2013
Head, The Joint Program in City Design and Development, MIT
2005 - 2010
Chair, PhD Program in Urban Planning, MIT
Professor - Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT
Associate Professor (with tenure), MIT
ReThinking a Lot: The Design and Culture of Parking. MIT Press
RENEW TOWN: Adaptive Urbanism and the Design of the Low Carbon Community. London: Routledge
The Code of the City: Standards and the Hidden Language of Place Making. MIT Press
Regulating Place: Standards and the Shaping of Urban America. NY: Routledge
Streets and the Shaping of Towns and Cities. Washington DC: Island Press
Designing the Llobregat Corridor: Cultural Landscape and Regional Development. Barcelona: UPC Press