Urban Films: Up the Yangtze (2008)

Nearing completion, China's massive Three Gorges Dam is altering the landscape and the lives of people living along the fabled Yangtze River. Countless ancient villages and historic locales will be submerged, and 2 million people will lose their homes and livelihoods. The Yu family desperately seeks a reprieve by sending their 16-year-old daughter to work in the cruise ship industry that has sprung up to give tourists a last glimpse of the legendary river valley. With cinematic sweep, UP THE YANGTZE explores lives transformed by the biggest hydroelectric dam in history, a hotly contested symbol of the Chinese economic miracle. Directed by Yung Chang. An official selection of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Produced by EyeSteelFilm/National Film Board of Canada in association with American Documentary; presented in collaboration with the award-winning documentary series POV (www.pbs.org/pov), co-sponsored by the MIT China Urban Development Group. 

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