Sidewalk City: Mapping the Unmapped (Opening Reception)

Opening Reception for Sidewalk City: Mapping the Unmapped in the Wolk Gallery. Installation extends from a foodtruck on Massachusetts Avenue. Visitors can follow the red line from the truck to Wolk Gallery and enjoy Vietnamese appetizers.

Sidewalk City presents immersive, digital narrative maps that uncover a wider public of ordinary people and their negotiation of public space. Sidewalks are perhaps the city's most important and most overlooked public space. Ubiquitous, narrow, and networked, sidewalks have the potential to bring people together and contribute to a humane and civic society.

Based on 15 years of fieldwork and research in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this exhibition presents the latest experimental maps developed by the research group, SLAB, directed by MIT Associate Professor Annette M. Kim.