New Economy @ MIT: Kick-Off Meeting

The meeting will be organized around project pitches: Attendees will have several minutes to present a project that they would like to see the group undertake this year, and we will follow up with break out sessions. So, if *you* have an idea (not required), come prepared to pitch it to the rest of us.

Ideas for new economy projects:
- Student research series
- Skill building workshops
- Hackathon
- And more...

Lawrence Barriner will also briefly present My City Gardens, a local yard sharing project:

Direct any questions to: or


New Economy @ MIT formed in the fall of 2012, after a campus talk by Gus Speth. Our goal is to build a local network supporting research and projects related to alternative economic models in service of social justice and environmental sustainability. We ran a lecture series last year, where we brought in speakers like Juliet Schor and Gar Alperovitz to build a common conceptual foundation (as we are often asked: what IS the "new economy??").

Last year's talks are posted on our website:
You can self subscribe to our listserv here:
We also have a- 'sigh'- facebook page:

Dinner and Refreshments Will Be Served