"Futurefront" at Ideas City / NYC

Students from Professor Sarah Williams' Crowdsourced City class will be presenting their "Futurefront" project at the upcoming Ideas City Festival.

More than 200 vacant storefronts can be found in the Lower East Side. A new project called Futurefront is connecting these spaces with past use and future possibility. By posting historic images and facts on posters outside the vacant storefronts they relate to, we ask passersby to text how they think the space should be used in the future.  Historic imagery reminds them of what once was and inspires them to think differently about what could be. New, creative, community-oriented uses can activate these spaces. Futurefront is a collaboration between Made in the Lower East Side and a group of graduate students at MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning in the Crowdsourced City workshop. In working with miLES and Textizen, we are exploring how digital technologies can change our cities.

The students include Alexis Howland, Alicia Rouault, Lawrence Bernard Harkless, and Qianqian Zhang.