COLOMBIA, land of light: documentary + discussion

COLOMBIA, tierra de luz (land of light) consists of a series of symbolic acts of support for victims of violence and displacement in different parts of Colombia, through the media of photography and art. It is a voice that confronts the silence surrounding those who have been affected and marginalized by the armed conflict for more than half a century.

During the interventions, villagers and visitors expressed their thoughts and emotions through words, gestures and singing. The visual result of the artistic actions, celebrations and testimonials were documentary and interpretative photographs, also recorded on film, audio and video, all indispensable as vessels for memory and imagination. Join us for a viewing of a documentary film (28 min.) that compiles footage, images and sounds from the project, followed by a discussion with its author. 

About the author:
An architect from the National University of Colombia - Manizales, Santiago Escobar Jaramillo has a MA in Photography and Urban Cultures from Goldsmiths College, University of London. He has exhibited in more than 70 national and international group and solo exhibitions. He has photographed around the world for Villegas Editores, Revista Semana, UNHCR, MFO, ICIPE, CUCR-Goldsmiths, among others. Since November 2011, he runs workshops at the school of photography and cinema Zona Cinco. Currently, he is the author of COLOMBIA, land of light.