China Urban Development Discussion Series: "Subtleties in Bold Design: Managing Automobile Growth in Chinese Cities"

Speaker: Dr. Jinhua Zhao, Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia; Discussant: Prof. Ralph Gakenheimer, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Extraordinary growth calls for extraordinary measures. Chinese cities offer many such examples in managing their automobiles: from restricting half of Beijing's vehicles from being used during the Olympics to charging over USD10,000 to register a Shanghai car license through bidding. Boldness in both infrastructure development and policy design seems commonplace in China's urban transportation arena. This talk, however, will present some of the subtleties in these bold designs using Shanghai license auction policy and Beijing's license lottery policy as a case. Subtleties exist in public attitude towards government policies, in policy details including pricing mechanism and purposeful policy leakage, and in the contrasting equity and efficiency orientations (superficial fairness in Beijing's lottery vs. efficiency-orientation of Shanghai's auction). Governments, at least in some cities, are more skilful in synergizing planning and market mechanisms and they do gauge the public and become more amenable though still sensitive. Policy making and public response are increasingly two-way interactive rather than one-way command and control.

Please join us in the lecture for more perspectives and insights on this topic.

Complimentary lunch will be served at 12:05 pm in room 9-555; talk starts at 12:30 pm and ends by 2 pm in room 9-354.

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Open to: the general public

Sponsor(s): Department of Urban Studies and Planning, China Urban Development, Graduate Student Life Grants

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Shan Jiang

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