The 2,400 Square Feet Syndrome: Developing Entrepreneurial Solutions for the Other 86%

In recent years we have witnessed explosive changes in developing countries. Entrepreneurs, investors, and students with an interest in global business opportunities are examining and implementing innovative products, sourcing, delivery methods and marketing techniques. By turning obstacles into opportunities, the entrepreneurs working in low-income countries are makingstartling strides in business development. Taken together, the innovative approaches have become rules of engagement for developing entrepreneurial solutions.Using examples and research reported in his books, The 86% Solution (2006), Africa Rising (2009) and The Arab World Unbound (2012), Professor Mahajan will discuss the changes unleashing both profits and productivity in developing countries.

Sponsored by: Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship. Contact: Agnes Hunsicker, 617-324-1875; legatum@mit.edu