Water Diplomacy

With a five-year grant from the National Science Foundation, our MIT team, under the direction of Professor Lawrence Susskind, in conjunction with colleagues at Tufts University, has organized a Global Research Coordination Network -- a collection of fifteen research centers around the world engaged in water security research and studies of water conflict ( The objective of this network is to generate and sustain closer research ties and to develop a global on-line repository of water diplomacy cases called Aquapedia.  In addition, we offer an annual Water Diplomacy Workshop ( that brings together 35 senior water professionals from around the world for an intensive train-the-trainer workshop in Cambridge, co-sponsored by the Swiss Embassy.  The fourth session will be held in June 2014. We also host a number of on-line social media networks devoted to water diplomacy that now connect 100 senior water managers who are regular participants in the blog and the water diplomacy alert. The Water Diplomacy Workshop is so-sponsored by the World Bank and the Skoll Global Threats Foundation. Our new book (Islam and Susskind) was published by Resources for the Future in 2012 (Water Diplomacy: A Negotiated Approach to Managing Complex Water Networks).