Negotiating Leadership Roles

Bruno Verdini teaches the popular undergraduate courses 11.011 The Art and Science of Negotiation and 11.111 Advanced Applications: The Art and Science of Negotiation, with an eye for equipping his outstanding students with the tools to grapple with complex negotiations across any industry.

By focusing on enhancing personal relationships across organizations and giving students the ability to showcase their non-technical dexterity, Verdini and his pioneering teaching team of outstanding undergraduates encourage young professionals to see how talented they are in the field of negotiation. The goal is to enhance their moral compass and strengthen their assertiveness in navigating real emotions.

As Verdini says, "a good negotiator can be exactly who you are — caring, attentive, and someone who thinks of others, you can be all of those things and at the same time lead and facilitate solutions to make a better world.”

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