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MIT Science Impact Collaborative

Created in 2005 with support from the U.S. Geologic Service (USGS), the Science Impact Collaborative (formally MUSIC) is an extended program of action-research testing the proposition that, anywhere in the world, the right kind of stakeholder engagement in natural resource management can improve the fairness, efficiency, stability and scientific wisdom of collective decisions made in the public arena.

Another way of describing the Collaborative is in terms of the topics we work on:  transboundary water management, climate change adaptation, global environmental treaty-construction, urban sustainability, ecosystem services and ecological restoration, infrastructure planning as well as energy efficiency.  The Collaborative endeavors to develop the concepts and practices of:  mediation of multiparty resource management disputes, collaborative adaptive management, joint fact-finding, and the use of role-play simulations as tool for public education and engagement.  For a full list of publications produced by the faculty, students and staff affiliated with the Collaborative see

The Director of the Collaborative is Professor Lawrence Susskind.

The Assistant Director of the Collaborative is Bruno Verdini Trejo.

The Program Manager for the Malaysia Sustainable Cities Program is Selmah Goldberg.

The Staff Director of the Water Diplomacy Workshop is Yasmin Zaerpoor.

The Staff Director of the Cambridge Climate Adaptation Project is Ella Kim.

The Director of the MIT-Mexico Developing Water, Energy, and Environmental Negotiating Capabilities in Mexico is Bruno Verdini Trejo.

The Director of the Sacred Lands Project is Susan Podziba.

Doctoral Researchers: 

Andrea Beck; Jung Woo Chun; Jessica Gordon; Ella Kim; Greg Falco; Alexis Schulman; Christopher Smith 

Masters of City Researchers: 

Nick Allen (Land Rights and Ownership, Case Study: Forest City);  Samuel Barnard (Ecosystem Services Valuation); Anna Doty (Cambridge Climate Adaptation); Adam Hasz (Cambridge Climate Adaptation); Alaa Mukahhal (Forest City); Griffin Smith (Socially Responsible Real Estate Development)

Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Kathleen Schwind; Kaylee Brent


To learn more about student and post-doctoral researchers at the Science Impact Collaborative please visit the SIC site.