MIT-Malaysia Sustainable Cities Collaboration

The MIT- Malaysia Sustainable Cities Partnership is a five-year effort, co-managed by faculty at MIT and the Universiti of Teknologi of Malaysia (UTM), with a multimillion dollar grant from the Malaysian Ministry of Education.  The goal of the partnership is to document sustainable city development efforts in Malaysia. We intend to use our research findings to create on-line video instructional materials to support the teaching of sustainable city development in universities in the global South.  Ten Visiting Faculty members from around the world will be selected annually, beginning in early 2014, to join our research efforts. They will spend half an academic year at UTM and half at MIT.  In January each year, MIT graduate students and faculty will join with UTM faculty and students to review and refine the direction of the research in progress.


For more information see or contact. Ms. Bettina Urcuioli, MIT Partnership Administrator.