The Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability

"Effective responses to environmental sustainability require a new brand of scholarship and professionalism, one that is defined by excellence in marshalling the resources of multiple disciplines and perspectives for the creation of integrated solutions. The Martin Fellowship promotes this new scholarship." Phillip Clay, MIT Chancellor

The Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability, established at MIT in 1996 through the generous support of the Martin Family Foundation, fosters graduate level research, education, and collaboration in sustainability. The Society supports and connects MIT's top graduate students in environmental studies, and fosters opportunities for multi-disciplinary cooperation in both the short- and long-term.

Martin Fellows investigate emerging issues in sustainability, exchange information, and participate in occasional seminars and an annual retreat. These activities support Fellows' development of the collaborative capacity that is critical to the successful implementation and application of sustainability scholarship.


Each MIT faculty member is invited to nominate one outstanding student to become a member of the Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability for 2015-2016. The student should presently be a second- or third-year graduate student pursuing doctoral research and should be a resident at MIT during the Fellowship period. Nominees should be working in, or interested in, an area of environment and sustainability as indicated by his/her clearly  articulated statement of interest, subjects taken, and proposed research area. Nominations are due by email to Mr. Takeo Kuwabara no later than February 28, 2015. Nomination packets should include:

  1. A letter from the faculty member indicating why he/she believes the student fits the criteria for election to the Fellows Program and an appraisal of the individual student
  2. The student's curriculum vitae
  3. A current, unofficial copy of the student's transcript (this can be obtained free of charge with photo ID from Student Financial Services, room 11-120).
  4. A statement of interest from the student directly addressing the following three questions:
  • What is your research question? How do you plan to answer it? What data will be collected, how will it be collected, and what methods of analysis will you use? Or, what theory, device, or simulation will be developed or amended, and how do you plan to do that? (2 pages)
  • Why should we support this as a project in sustainability? (1 paragraph)
  • Why should we support you as a sustainability fellow: what is the history of your commitment to sustainability, and/or the prospects for your future sustainability work? (1 paragraph)

The Martin Fellows are selected by a review committee chaired by Professor Judy Layzer, Director of the Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability. Approximately twenty Fellows will be funded for 2015-2016.