Hydropower Conflicts in Patagonia

This is multi-year project is supported by MISTI-Chile.  It involves a team from MIT (led by Professor Larry Susskind), as well as a partner group at Universidad Austral de Chile (in Valdivia, Chile) headed by faculty member Teo Kausal.  MIT student-faculty teams have visited Chile twice in 2013-2013 while the team from Austral visited the US as well. Our goal has been to outline ways in which consultation with the Mapuche people (as required by international law) might be accomplished in conjunction with the massive five dam project (HidroAysen) proposed in Patagonia. We are also focused on possible changes in environmental impact assessment and water allocation laws in Chile that might take better account of a broader set of stakeholder needs than current regulations.  There are a series of published papers available at in Chile.