What layers of understanding are revealed when we expand, rather than simplify, the discussion of sharing economies?

In a new article entitled ‘Sharing Economies: Moving beyond Binaries in a Digital Age’ in the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, Janelle Knox-Hayes, Anna Davies (Trinity College), Betsy Donald (Queen’s University), and Mia Gray (University of Cambridge) explore the benefits of building a lexicon for describing and understanding diverse sharing economies. This enhanced and defined language would include specific classification of sharing and sharing economies, how they contribute to various geographies, how labor and work is defined within the sharing economy, the role of the state and governance in regulation and practice, and the wider impacts of sharing economies.

To read the full special issue, co-edited by DUSP Professor Janelle Knox-Hayes, click here.

Image credit: Consumers Win in the Sharing Economy, Brittany Hunter