Joann Carmin: Latin American and Asian Cities Lead in Climate Change Planning

An MIT survey shows, 95 percent of major cities in Latin America are planning for climate change, compared to only 59 percent of such cities in the United States. Leadership on climate adaptation "can come from cities of many different sizes and ilks," says JoAnn Carmin, an associate professor at DUSP and lead author of the survey's report. While international climate policy measures -- such as potential agreements limiting greenhouse gas emissions -- require agreement among national governments, Carmin says, "cities are able to make some important strides in this area. There are numerous examples from around the world where there are no national policies or explicit support for adaptation, but where local governments are developing plans and taking action to address climate impacts." For more information about the study, see (Image: Jim Trodel (Skyline - Hong Kong, China) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons