The Fight Over Foreigners

The United States has long held in tension its identity as a nation of immigrants with a desire to craft a particular composition of the nation by excluding categories of migrants on the basis of education, income, race, ethnicity, or religion. The rhetoric of the 2016 presidential election and the recent executive orders have again highlighted this tension. What are roots of the current administration’s immigration policies? To what extent are recent shifts in immigration policies unique and to what extent do they echo earlier periods of U.S. migration? On February 28th, DUSP Assistant Professor, Justin Steil, moderated an esteemed panel for the Starr Forum to discuss recent changes to federal visa and immigration policy as well as the beliefs and social constructions motivating these policies.

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Associated Press, ABC News, Protests Build Across the Country Against Trump's Immigration Order, Jan 29, 2017
Oliver Douliery, Pool Getty Images, 2017