Environmental Problem-Solving

Environmental Problem-Solving - A Video-Enhanced Self-Instructional e-Book from MIT provides a new medium for increasing access to the materials and teaching of MIT.

The new e-Book - from Anthem Press and edited by DUSP's Lawrence Susskind, Bruno Verdini, Yasmin Zaerpoor, and Jessica Gordon - brings the classroom experience of a semester-long graduate course at MIT to a global audience. The e-Book incorporates traditional class materials such as short-excerpts from carefully selected readings, expert commentaries on those readings, and exam questions with innovative use of technology such as interactive assignments, short videos of the best MIT student responses to the assignments, and additional video excerpts of MIT faculty discussing the four main elements of the MIT curriculum, the e-Book offers an new route to experiencing the instruction provided by MIT.

The four core elements are:

1. Federal Environmental and Energy Policy-Making, where readers explore the dynamics of public policy-making in the United States and strategies that interest groups can use to promote changes in policy.

2. Environmental Ethics, which challenges readers to examine the ethical and philosophical underpinnings of environmental planning.

3. Techniques of Environmental Analysis, where the audience can measure and balance the strengths and weaknesses of key techniques of environmental analysis like cost-benefit analysis, environmental impact assessment, modeling and simulation, sustainability analysis, life cycle analysis, and risk assessment.

4. Public Participation and Collaborative Decision-Making, which explores collaborative decision-making and dispute resolution techniques as they are used in the practice of environmental and energy facility planning.