EPP Lunch Talk with Evan Thomas Paul

Evan Paul just finished his MCP in 2010 and was a MUSIC intern and one of of Larry Susskind's advisees.  His interest, both at DUSP and since, has been on how modeling and simulation can best be used on multi-stakeholder negotiation settings in environmental planning.

Evan now works as the Operations Director for the McClintock Lab in the Center for Marine Assessment and Planning at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  There he has been working with others to develop a platform for stakeholder engagement and negotiation in Marine Spatial Planning.  This platform, called SeaSketch, will be used throughout New Zealand, the Galapagos, the U.S., and elsewhere in the coming years. It is designed to enable web-based geodesign of marine spatial plans by multiple users, who can then share and discuss alternate plans through the SeaSketch platform.

For his talk, Evan will explain some of the theory of practice underlying the design of SeaSketch, the background on how this platform came into being, and will demo their current pre-release version.

For more information on SeaSketch, check out this recent article: